When the obvious isn't obvious. Businessman covered with memos on white background

When the obvious isn’t obvious

Sometimes the obvious isn’t obvious. Last week I dropped into my regular City centre Farmers Market and, on seeing a laden bread stall, impulsively decided that I needed some sourdough. ‘If this is tasty, I’ll look out for some more from these people‘ I thought, and I looked to see who they were. However, they were committing the three deadly Marketing sins: Continue reading “When the obvious isn’t obvious”

Advertising says nothing

Why Advertising Doesn’t Work

How many times have you been contacted by an enthusiastic (even a not-so-enthusiastic) advertising sales exec pitching a completely random online or printed medium to you at a rock bottom ‘buy it now’ price?

They might even tell you that they saw your advert somewhere and you’re thinking ‘The only response I’ve had to that is other sales people ringing me to buy more advertising!’ Continue reading “Why Advertising Doesn’t Work”