The Minx team and its associates come from a place of knowledge, experience and professional qualification. We've been employees and employers, business owners and developers, grown existing companies and built from we know what you're going through. Our methods involve two-way processes, from you and us...we work with you, but not for you.

We look at where you are currently and where you want to go, then we ask the tough questions...and help find the answers.
We share our knowledge with yours - that's double the knowledge for powerful development.
If your team is open to learn, we're open to train. Plus we learn too along the way; about your business. Every day is a development day.



Eat Sleep Live Herefordshire is a subsidiary company of Minx Media Ltd.

It is an independent tourism marketing organisation supporting not only Herefordshire’s food and drink businesses, accommodation providers, activities, leisure venues and pursuits, and events, but also promoting the county’s crafts, creatives and artisans, its beauty, culture and heritage, plus its music and unique vibe.

If you are a tourism business in Herefordshire and would like to get involved, please click here


We employ and collaborate with experts in their field, to bring you the best in whichever service you use from us.

Heidi Chamberlain-Jones

Managing Director: Heidi Chamberlain-Jones

Having built, owned, lead and sold successful businesses of different kinds, Heidi, Minx’s founder and MD, is a qualified and experienced trainer, coach and consultant, specialising in Marketing, Sales and Business Development strategies.

If we had to describe Heidi in three phrases, they might be:

  • No nonsense
  • Full of life
  • Speaks from experience

She takes clients on a journey, about themselves, their business and results.

Marketing & Administration: Amanda Collis

Amanda has achieved award-winning national retail, developed independent multifaceted companies as well as IT training positions and frontline marketing.

She excels at:

  • Making business connections 
  • A project - she's a born organiser
  • A can-do attitude - an open mind is a developing one

She shares Minx's premise that there are never just problems, always solutions.

Our Partners

We work with regional specialists including:

  • Photographers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Developers
  • Printers

...and many others.

We search and select different associates within those industries with the right skills specific to each project and client, so you get the best outcome.