Sales Consultancy

Without a sales strategy and structure your business will not be able to get its products and services to market effectively.

A strategy ensures that you can create good processes, influence performance, plan ahead and generate growth.

It also ensures that the people involved in delivering those sales know exactly what is expected of them.

With your specific goals in mind we will create a sales improvement plan for your company and help you to put it into practice.

Sales Training

Whether you are new to selling or for those who could encounter sales opportunities in the workplace or if you have a team that needs support, ongoing Sales Training maintains and develops the talent that will expand selling skills, refresh existing ones and motivate to the next level in revenue generation.

  • Sales Management
  • Team Management
  • Advanced Selling Skills
  • Selling through Customer Service
  • Cold Calling
  • Finding new prospects
  • Closing the sale       ...and much more

Sales Coaching

Coaching enables individuals to grow with 1-1 personal development and is particularly useful during times of difficulty such as under-performance, change management, and a host of challenging circumstances both personal and in the business.

Sometimes an impartial external body enables greater coaching success, and Minx adopts a staged progression strategy agreed with the business and individuals.

Coupled with Training, coaching can powerfully enhance performance, attitudes and motivation, as well as skills in self management and personal development.