Being a Leader

What makes someone the person people want to follow?

Do you know your leadership style...or how to enhance that?

What's the difference between a great leader and a great manager?

Helping teams and leaders to communicate, work together and reach business goals sometimes needs external support.

Using Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) knowledge and influences, blended with our own bespoke programmes, we can again tailor-make a series of progressive courses for your business or select one-off modules for quick fixes.

Leadership Coaching

While you are leading everyone else, who is supporting you to be a great leader?

Do you know what makes you the person people will follow? Do you want to make changes but need some insights?

Sometimes coaching, as opposed to training, is a preferred option for individual development...we help you to see and apply your own solutions.

Ask us about Leadership topics.

Management Training - Courses include:

  • Stepping into Supervision Great for those moving up the ladder to their first foray into a management role
  • Managing Difficult People Understanding and getting the best from challenging people, plus handling conflict in teams
  • Change Management skills Planning for change and steering teams and your business positively through
  • Managing to Manage Ideal for managers who have moved through the ranks without formal training. Understanding your role as a manager, communication skills, delegation, being a manager that people want to work for and more
  • Building Brilliant Teams Identifying, recruiting for and selecting  a great team, bringing in additional people, how to identify personality types and how to manage them
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