Business might be dead but your customers aren’t!

When I settle down with a client to compile a marketing strategy I ask them for their trading patterns throughout the year. Of course it’s getting harder to establish trends, but usually there’s some common ground in January and August, when business is in limbo.

The irony is that this isn’t the only trend I can rely on; 9 out of 10 clients will say that there is no point in marketing themselves during low trading periods ‘You’re flogging a dead horse’, they feel. But this is simply not true. Just because clients aren’t buying right a this very moment doesn’t mean that they will never be in the market for you, especially on considered purchases.

Let’s take January (please!) most of us are pigged out, partied out and spent out, the weather is rubbish and we’re battening down the hatches and our wallets. Is this dismal news for businesses? Definitely not. Many of those customers are even more so devouring their magazines and press, perking themselves up with future plans for their home, lifestyle, business. They’re still tapping away on the computer researching, gathering information, clocking trends and things that catch their eye plus, of course, sharing that info online. And they are definitely watching the TV whilst huddled by the fire. In fact they have more time than ever to be doing it.

Just look at all those avenues for putting your business infront of them. You only have to look at your own domestic actions to get into your customer’s minds.

Still think it’s a bad time for marketing? There’s snowtime like the present.