Many retail owners tell me that customers just aren’t buying anything, that they are browsing around and walking out empty handed.

So what does that mean? That the customer didn’t see anything they liked? That they were just looking with no intention of buying? That they were penniless, bored and had nothing better to do but stroll around random outlets?

Well, of course, elements of all of those may be true, but chances are that when someone walks through your doors they are at least open to the idea that they may be in the market for something you stock, and don’t forget the impulse buy.

You can change your fortunes dramatically by simply interacting with your customers. Subtle, non-aggressive conversation openers often lead to a rapport and even more often a purchase. I like to call it flirting.
There are certain rules of engagement: Be ‘on hand’ but not a space invader, be casual not ‘salesy’, look busy but not snowed under and inaccessible, and above all smile smile smile. People love active staff it makes them feel like you’re interested, you care and that your business is constantly being refreshed due to the subconscious volume of custom. They will want to be a part of that glow. The flow and vibe will start from here and before you know it you’re practically best friends and they’re thanking you for what you have ‘sold’ them.

Sounds like a lot of effort? Well, at least you got paid for it.

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